If you travel to Spain, you simply must enjoy a Cultural Tour Holiday in Andalucia.

Andalucia, in the south of Spain, is made up of the eight provinces of Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Malaga, Huelva, Cadiz, Jaen and Almeria and it is where you will find the World Heritage Sites of The Alhambra Palaces, The Mezquita and The Royal Alcazar, amongst many others.

Andalucia is an autonomous community, (the second largest by area in Spain), with devolved powers and has its own parliament and president. The capital of Andalucia is Seville which is also the largest Andalucian city.

Modern Andalucia has most certainly been shaped by the various incoming cultures and religions that have arrived here throughout the ages, including the Iberians, the Celts, the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Germanic tribes such as the Vandals and Visigoths, the Jewish people, the North African Berbers and the Arabs who brought the religion of Islam to Andalucia and most of Spain in the year 711.

During your Cultural Tour with Your Andalucia Tour Holidays, you will learn a lot about the history and culture of the region from our official guided, but not in a dry, rigid format …. in a way that you will enjoy and remember for a very long time to come.

You will be astounded by the diversity that Andalucia has to offer; from its mountains to its coastline; from its history steeped cities to its National Parks and 800km of beaches. Andalucia is also bounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and at its most southerly point, at Tarifa, it is only 14km / 9 miles from Africa, (across the Straits of Gibraltar), and is therefore the perfect starting point for a visit to the mystical city of Tangiers in Morocco.

Cultural Tour Holidays in Andalucia

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Cultural Tour Holidays in Andalucia

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